commercial sweeping

how can vanert's help you?

Every litter bit hurts, so KEEP CALM and let VanErt's put your trash in the can!

We create a customized cleaning plan that is designed to fit your business needs.

Sweeping  includes: Removal of all paper, plastic, cigarette butts and other  trash that may blow into your parking lot.  Based on your needs, we can  offer other personalized services as well.  Whether your business is a  strip mall, apartment complex, healthcare facility, major shopping  center, educational institution or any other building, we will help  protect your business's image by getting/keeping your parking lot in  excellent condition.


Imagine a  parking lot that is full of garbage and foreign debris.  Would that  impact your perception of the business attached to it?

  • If it belonged to a restaurant, would you want to eat there?
  • If it were n apartment complex, would you want to live there? 
  • If it were a hospital, doctor's office or other healthcare facility, would you trust it?
  • If it were a daycare facility, would you want your children to play there?

 Those are just a few reasons it's imperative to keep your parking lots clean and free of trash or debris.

~  In addition to creating a positive impression for your customers, there  are a number of other benefits of maintaining your parking lots.

  • Cleanup of leftover salt from winter: Cleaning in the spring removes salt sediments that corrode the surface and sub-surface of your parking lot.
  • Discourages Litterbugs:   People are less likely to toss their trash on the ground in a clean  parking lot; the dirtier the area the less remorse people feel about  littering.
  • Minimizes Pollution:  Removing trash prevents it from being washed into storm water runoff, and eventually, to our drinking and recreational water.
  • Prevents Erosion:   Debris will eventually breakdown the pavement of your parking lot and  weeds eventually start to grow in the cracks. This is far more expensive  to fix than a regular parking lot cleaning service.
  • Deters Rodents:  The  accumulation of trash becomes a feeding ground for disease-ridden  rodents and other animals. These are unsanitary and can be dangerous.


  • Sweeping 5 days a week.
  • Sweeping 3 days a week.
  • Sweeping just 1 day a week.