Serving Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio

Serving Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio

Serving Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio Serving Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio

Debating on what addition to add to your yard? Go with water.

Water features do so much more than add beauty. Waterfalls, ponds, streams and foundations have benefits that go farther than aesthetics. With the right tools and knowledge, maintaining a pond or other water feature is surprisingly easy.

Here are some benefits.

  • Fountains and waterfalls are great for drowning out unwanted noise and are perfect for covering up  sounds caused by traffic like horns, construction and sirens if you live near a highway or a busy suburban area.  Rather than  listening to everyday noises around you as you relax in your yard, you can enjoy the soft soothing sounds of flowing water.
  • On those hot summer days, water will evaporate fairly quickly. This  evaporation process cools the nearby air. Cooler air means you'll be able  to escape that those hot days and evenings by kicking back at or near your pond.

Need more convincing? Keep reading.

  • Water features increase home value. A beautiful backyard makes a gorgeous home and adds curb appeal. Any added landscaping can make your home more valuable. While you enjoy your pond, fountain, stream or waterfall you will also enjoy the added value if yo u ever sell in the future. 
  • If you like making new wildlife friends, add a water feature to your yard. There's also a good chance that your pond or waterscape will attract other little  magical, winged creatures like birds, dragonflies and butterflies. You'll be able to sit back at night and enjoy the croaks of frogs, bellowing from your pond as these little creatures searching for water will find a home in your yard.  A pond is the best way to incorporate more nature into your backyard. (If you aren't a fan of  visitors, we can help  you make decisions that keep them away.)